The Information

Almost everyone wants their life to get easier as they get older. Some work for companies until retirement in the hopes they can finally take it easy, some change careers later in life and some pack it all in to get out of the mainstream. We search and search...

My Goal

To provide an intriguing and informative atmosphere for site residents to enhance their lives.


So much of my life was on automatic. I didn't actually remember experiencing much of it, unless something went wrong or very right. On my site I want to take a look at some of the parts of life, maybe to provoke change, and possibly to make it more fruitful. Site residents can be encouraged and revitalized when they visit this site so as to continue onward towards accomplishing their goals, whether it be creating a website, business, planning a trip or a night out.

The Moment

The moment in time when this site came into existence the energy in the world changed. I know it sounds a bit woo woo, but the moment a thing is created the universe is no longer the same because there is something else in it. You also are a creation, created in a single moment. Just as your mother's body made room for you, the universe has made room for this. What we create matters because it exists.

My Personal Note

How I Pay a Good Feeling Forward

The optimum ratio of price and quality responsible and conscientious approach

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My Projects

In addition to creating my websites, I am also writing a book. It is a short story that will encompass my years of training in alternative healing to help site residents become enhanced in multiple categories, because life does not fit into just one.
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The Team

In addition to me, TeamofOne, who manages, maintains and creates everything, I am also relying on my site residents who I consider very much a part of the family I am creating to comment and make suggestions for future topics.

Creators of a Quality Life

Section Coming Soon. Meanwhile... here are some cute kids to brighten your day, if need be.
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