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Most of us want our lives to get easier as we get older. Some of us work for companies until retirement in the hopes we can finally take it easy, some of us change careers later in life. We search and search...

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To provide an intriguing and informative atmosphere for site residents to enhance their lives.


As a site resident you will be encouraged and revitalized while visiting this site, which will inspire you to continue towards accomplishing your goals.

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The moment a thing is created the universe is no longer the same because there is something else in it. The universe makes room. What we create matters because it exists.

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When eating fruit, remember the one who planted the tree. Vietnamese saying

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24 Aug

What really causes us to get sick?

Wow. I came across something interesting. At first, I was looking up general health information. Usually, when I start a

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18 Jan

My Journey to No Tumors

Fibroids? Quite a few years ago, 19, I was at my desk working. I got up to go to the bathroom and I felt uncomfortable

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7 Jan

My Short Stories

Creating something and putting it out into the world can be slightly scary.  I don't know what anyone will think or say

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