Month: January 2019

Fibroids? Quite a few years ago, 19, I was at my desk working. I got up to go to the bathroom and I felt uncomfortable pressure in my lower left abdomen every time I moved my left leg to take a step. At first, I had the notion to ignore it, but it kept bothering me throughout the day so I made an appointment with my doctor. Upon evaluation, she said I might have a fibroid. A fibroid? What is that? I think when she saw my reaction she made an
Creating something and putting it out into the world can be slightly scary.  I don't know what anyone will think or say.  I don't know if the amount of effort I put into a project will be of value to anyone else, besides me, until I put it out there and people tell me what they think. I'm working on something that I don't want to hold to myself until it's finish.  I want to share some of it as I go along.  So, here is a link to watch a sho
Many of us have already set our New Year's resolutions/goals or are setting them now for this year.  Of course, I also set goals for myself at the beginning of and throughout the year, and I've observed that in the last two years, I have not accomplished as many as I'd like. Upon reflection, and I've mentioned this before in other articles, I noticed that when I fell short of my goals, I made decisions to feel like crap.  As early as in the