Wow. I came across something interesting. At first, I was looking up general health information. Usually, when I start a quest I make so many turns online I couldn’t tell you how I arrived at the destination. This time the twists and turns led me to the subject of diabetes, which peaked my interest. I grew up in a typical household, and I remember watching my grandmother and grandfather on occasion stick needles into their sides or stomachs.
Fibroids? Quite a few years ago, 19, I was at my desk working. I got up to go to the bathroom and I felt uncomfortable pressure in my lower left abdomen every time I moved my left leg to take a step. At first, I had the notion to ignore it, but it kept bothering me throughout the day so I made an appointment with my doctor. Upon evaluation, she said I might have a fibroid. A fibroid? What is that? I think when she saw my reaction she made an
Creating something and putting it out into the world can be slightly scary.  I don't know what anyone will think or say.  I don't know if the amount of effort I put into a project will be of value to anyone else, besides me, until I put it out there and people tell me what they think. I'm working on something that I don't want to hold to myself until it's finish.  I want to share some of it as I go along.  So, here is a link to watch a sho
Many of us have already set our New Year's resolutions/goals or are setting them now for this year.  Of course, I also set goals for myself at the beginning of and throughout the year, and I've observed that in the last two years, I have not accomplished as many as I'd like. Upon reflection, and I've mentioned this before in other articles, I noticed that when I fell short of my goals, I made decisions to feel like crap.  As early as in the
For those who are concerned about gaining too much weight during the holiday season, the good news is that there are exercises which can help you shed the unwanted pounds. You do not need any equipment or to purchase a gym membership. What follows are great exercises that can lessen the blow after the holiday eating frenzy. The following exercises can be done at home and indoors, so you won’t have to step out into the cold. You can always
Have you ever been treated unfairly, disrespectfully, as though you are not equal, appreciated, of high-esteem or valuable? I have, too many times to write-off as unfortunate and unlinked occurrences.  As fresh as this week, I have returned from my Grandmother's memorial to the room I have been renting in Paris.  The couple I have been renting from have two children and the woman's father recently stayed with us for 10 days.  The way I've been
Many New Year’s resolutions are associated with eating way too much during the holidays. It’s not surprising that most people put on a few extra pounds starting with Thanksgiving and going through Christmas and New Year’s Day. It seems that the holiday weight gain and subsequent guilt is a never-ending cycle, but there are things you can do to get yourself on track even while enjoying all the great food. Why do People Gain Weight over the
It may seem counterintuitive to most people, but the time to think about your diet is during the holiday season and not just afterwards. The typical diets people try during the holiday season often do not work because of the combination of fatty, sugary foods, higher stress levels, and cold weather that limits activities. However, there are simple, effective ways to control the number of calories you consume so you can have your cake and ea
Christmas is first and foremost a religious holiday that is celebrated by 9 out of 10 Americans and virtually all Christians. However, the emphasis on the religious aspects of Christmas are declining with less than half who celebrate do so by recognizing the birth of Christ or by attending church. For those who don’t believe in Christmas and celebrate it anyway, it is usually a balancing act of enjoying the holidays while respecting the relig
If there is one thing that many people who have finished their holiday shopping have learned over the years is to never visit department stores in the few days before Christmas. Invariably, the shopping malls and retail stores are crammed with people who have waited until the last minute to do their holiday shopping.  The times I do buy gifts for Christmas, I usually start and finish before holiday shopping is even a thought in most people's min