My Journey to No Tumors

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  1. charles39 says:

    Sorry Tan for all that trouble you had to go through because of tumors but I have some who got tumors after she derived her first kid, she got tumors years later and they had to remove the whole  womb she Never had that problem to this day that was 30yrs ago so Tan have faith all is well you get back home a healthy woman

    1. admin says:

      Hi Charles39,

      Thank you very much for your kind words.

      The best to you,


  2. Ron says:

    Thank you very much for the information. This article really struck a cord with me since I have a family member that complains of pain on her left side as well. I love your persistence to improve your health. However, despite everything, you are willing to use all you have learn to help others. I hope the new procedure works  and I do hope you have a long, healthy and enjoyable life.

    1. admin says:

      Hi Ron,

      Thank you for sharing a little also.  I appreciate your kind words.

      The best to you,


  3. Jim says:

    Hi. I couldn’t see your name in the site so hi will have to suffice. Firstly, what a wonderful title your site has ‘Procastination Affiliate’. I love it, it’s what so many of us suffer from. Secondly, fancy having to deal with fibroids from such a young age and for so many years. You are a brave person for dedicating your life to finding and answer, not only for yourself but for others.

    No person should have to suffer through the pain of tumours. I hope you find an answer to these issues and that you are healed soon.

    i will be keeping an eye on your blogs to see how you go. All the very best for the future. Jim

    1. admin says:

      Hi Jim,

      I hope I am successful with receiving the treatment.  I will share updates in the future.

      Thank you for your kindness,


  4. Melissa says:

    Hi there,

    It sounds as though you’ve been through so much with your health. I’m very happy for you that you’re turning it into a positive outlet and sharing it with others through your blog, and eventually through the book you’re writing. 

    It’s fascinating to me that the MRI that caused you so much pain might be the key to your healing. I’m so glad you made the connection between the MRI and the new treatment.  I wish you all the very best on your journey, and I look forward to following your story. 

    1. admin says:

      Hi Melissa,

      It was an eye opener because I had had many MRIs before and it wasn’t until the one right before the surgery I had any discomfort.  I appreciate your comment and kind words.

      All the best,


  5. Strahinja says:

    Wow. This post really touched me. We do not know how fragile we are untill thing like this happen to us. I would also have to say that we usually sees health as something that has been given to us, without to need to be thankful everyday for our good health.

    Sometimes expert “doctors” can mislead us, as they did to you. It is great that you have not lost faith. I wish you all the best during your Europe visit.


    1. admin says:

      Hi Strahinja,

      What you say is very true, good health is priceless and I am thankful for the positive moments I have.

      Thank you for comment and kind words,


  6. Cathy says:

    Hi there, if you don’t mind me asking. When you said you underwent surgery, did they actually remove the tumor or just partially? Did you do a biopsy to find out what it really was? 

    I too have pains during my menstrual, but they are only limited during that few days. Someone did advice that I should just go give it a check due to my age, but I am a bit apprehensive. I think I am afraid to find out if it’s a bad thing.

    1. admin says:

      Hi Cathy,

      The doctor told me they would do a biopsy of what they removed during the surgery.  They never told me the results – whenever I asked, he told me they were still waiting.  

      Regarding how much they removed, the doctor told me he removed as much as he could, but he didn’t get everything.

      I can understand your apprehension.  I can’t say what is the most beneficial for you.  Even sometimes when I know about something my emotions can kind of cause me to delay action, but at least I know that or if action is required.  If I know about it then I can develop a plan to address it.

      Thank you for sharing and I wish you good health,


  7. Regina N Obi-Okeke says:

    Hi TaN, I am glad your tumor is not malignant and soon you will be able to find cure of some sort. We all procrastinate at point in life and should not be so hard on ourselves. You have no idea what would have been the outcome if you had removed the tumor at the first onset, there is no assurance that that could have cured or stopped the tumor from growing more. Fibroid is really common, some require surgery while others don’t it all depends on size and location. Some women still got pregnant with fibroid while some succeed in getting pregnant when the tumor is removed and the uterus not badly scarred. I wish you the best of luck and hope you succeed in finding answers.

    1. admin says:

      Hi Regina N Obi-Okeke,

      You’re right, one my friend’s sister gave birth while being diagnosed with fibroid tumors.  I was not so lucky.

      I appreciate your comment,


  8. Laura says:

    Woow! you are an example of a powerful woman, I think is difficult to live with this disease, but you take it very well and the fact of making a campaign to found answers and to help people is one of the best ways to take it.

    Ther is an author of a book (you have to know that I love to read), the autohor of the book is Louise Hay, I recommend you to read her books, she sufferer cancer, and her affirmations relieved her from the tumors, she wrote that in her book.  Maybe it can help you.

    I have a friend with these desesase too, I know is difficult… so I´m going to donate… 

    I wish yo the best of luck un your life… and from here I sent you good energy to you… Love.

    1. admin says:

      Hi Laura,

      I will look up the book you suggest, and I wish the best to your friend.  I hope my experience will be an inspiration to her and others.  If you donate that would be amazing.  

      Good health to you and thank you for your kind words,


  9. Nuttanee says:

    I completely understand your feelings since I am on the same boat as you. When I was 22, I was taking the shower and ready for bed, while I was washing my private part, I felt the lump protruding from my uterus. I freaked out, and the next morning I made the appointment to go see my doctor. Just like what your doctor said, quote on quote that it is a benign tumor, it is big and will still growing. She said it is harmless now but if it grows I have to take care of it, the size was 10 inches and luckily I got it in my uterus not in the ovaries. Scared for my life I made the appointment for the surgery right away. Luckily, my tumor was in the uterus so the doctor could operate it directly without having to put me down. 

    10 years has passed, I am thinking that this tumor might grow back again because when I have my period, it is always very painful to the point that I cannot perform my daily tasks. 

    I am trying all the natural remedies that people recommend me to stop it from growing, if you know any tips please let me know, I will do it. 

    I am drinking ginger shot or ginger tea everyday. According to the article that I have read online, cancer or tumor grows because of the acidity or inflammation in our body and ginger reduces it. Give it a try and god bless. 

    1. admin says:

      Hi Nuttanee,

      Thank you so very much for sharing your story.  I am definitely putting together all the tips that help me and could help others with managing or shrinking the growths in the book I’m writing.  Ginger adds greatly to our health as well as other alkaline foods.  I also suggest reducing the amount of meat you eat, if you eat meat, and greatly increasing the amount of raw vegetables.  

      I am going into more detail in my book and including other information.  It will be available soon for purchase and for those who donate to the GoFundMe campaign it will be free.

      I wish you the best of health,


  10. Fiona says:

    Thank you for sharing your very personal story about your life with fibroids and how you are living with the tumours. My sister in law has fibroids and there are terrible things. 

    I wish you all the best for your health and that you are able to receive your treatment in Europe.

    1. admin says:

      Hi Fiona,

      I wish your sister-in-law good health and I hope my experience can be an inspiration to her and others, through this post and my book.

      Thank you for your kind words,


  11. Olatoye Dolapo says:


    this is an emotional story, I can’t but cry after reading this! Health they say is wealth, one who isn’t in good health will be so frustrated and lost hope but Thank heaven your hopes are renewed, and for the campaign you’ve launched, I believe It’ll go a long way to help. Keep the good spirit and God will take control.

    1. admin says:

      Hi Olatoye Dolapo,

      You’re right when you have good health life is different.  I hope to create a community of people who care about another’s well-being and contribute to their success.

      I appreciate your comment and thank you for the kind words,


  12. Sandra ehinomen says:

    Such a touching story, I love your determination and I pray you will come out successfully, I know of some women who are still suffering from it, some had the surgery done and some did not, I know soon there will be a permanent solution to the end of a very strong women. Thanks for putting this up for others to s see. 

    1. admin says:

      Hi Sandra ehinomen,

      Those who suffer are many and do so quietly.  Thank you for your pray and I pray the same.

      The best to you,


  13. Aleksandra says:

    Very traumatic experience, and I have to say, sad story, with an good end!

    I have to say congratulations, on your fight, your psychological strength and your big dedication to learn how to heal yourself. A lot of people in those situations can not think straight ….

    I would like to ask, of course if it is ok with you to answer, did you find out why you got those tumors? 

    What is the main reason, if there is any…?

    Anyways, I wish you luck in your life and in what you do now, you really deserve it.

    1. admin says:

      Hi Aleksandra,

      No one could ever definitively tell me why I got the growths, but there is speculation that an imbalance of hormones, such as increased estrogen, and a high acidic environment contribute to their growth and create an environment for them to thrive.

      Thank you for your comment and kind words,


  14. Seun Afotanju says:

    I just read this article now and all I can say is you’re a strong woman, I felt a strong cold going down my spine only God knew how you felt but it’s all gone with faith, I had someone who was diagnosed with tumor in the brain and didn’t know till it killed him because he didn’t know what was wrong he took it as mere headache not knowing it was tumor. So dear be Grateful for life and it will pass. 

    1. admin says:

      Hi Seun Afotanju,

      You are so right, so many times we can push something serious off as something minor because we lack the knowledge.  It doesn’t mean we run to the doctor every time something feels wrong, but incorporating preventative medicine daily is beneficial.

      Thank you so much for your comment, and God bless,


  15. Clement says:

    Sorry Tan for everything you are passing through, I feel quite emotional reading this. I wish you the very best with your treatment and your Gofundme campaign. I know of people who lived with tumors and were able to undergo a successful surgery but it is kind of expensive. Thanks for taking your time to help people fight this also. 

    1. admin says:

      Hi Clement,

      I hope to be an inspiration and a conduit for wisdom for you and others.

      Thank you for your comment,


  16. Emmanuel Buysse says:

    Great post and wow.

    Your journey is actually something very inspiring and frightening. 

    And this is because my wife has almost the same as you have, she doesn’t have tumors but cysts, although, that is what the doctors say. 

    I think I will go with her to the hospital to take a scan, and be sure about it. 

    Reading this, it could potentially save her life in the end. 

    Thanks a lot for sharing this! 

    1. admin says:

      Hi Emmanuel Buysse,

      I think it could be very helpful for you to go with your wife to her appointment.  Even though we feel we can handle most things on our own, it’s really nice to be supported by others.

      Thank you for sharing your story, and I wish your wife good health,


  17. Ha Roda says:

    Thank you for sharing your personal story. Your story is captivating and inspiring. I learn more about fibroids and the deep meaning of it. It also help me understand medical terminologies better to apply toward my interpreting job. I shall share your story and experiences to others who seek for support and ways to improve their health. Thank you again for sharing.

    1. admin says:

      Hi Ha Roda,

      Thank you for your comment.  I wish you success in your interpreting career and I hope to inspire and encourage others with this post and my book.

      All the best,


  18. ZEGU says:

    Thank you for your informative post about Fibroids and for opening up to share your experiences. I know it is heart-wrenching to hear from the doctor for the first time where the problem is coming from.

    You are resilient and I like your positive attitude. Even if you didn’t have the answer to why you got them,you did something to get rid of them. You did what you had to do. You went through the operation and the studies although it wasn’t easy. For that, I would like to congratulate you.

    I wish you the best for the future. I’m confident you will have a breakthrough.

    1. admin says:

      Hi ZEGU,

      I appreciate your kind words.  I hope to inspire and encourage others by sharing my experiences.  

      Thank you for your comment and all the best to you,


  19. DorcasW says:

    Hi Tan; You have written a very touching article. I do not know what part of the world you are, but, faith is the victory that overcomes. I add you to my prayer list. I am sorry you did not have a child before it gets too big.

     No Doctor ever told me the cause of Tumors (Growth). Some grow, some go and returns. Some tumours go and never returned. I want to help you, but I am not sure what caused Tumours or what cures them. 

    I suffered greatly from them. Tumours came, they went, they arrived they went. I am only assuming according to times when they went, that the regular consumption of Sour Sop (Guanabana) helps to eliminate Growth/Tumours from the body. Right now, I have none.


    1. admin says:

      Hi DorcasW,

      I really appreciate the suggestion – I will look into Sour Sop, and I appreciate you sharing your story.  I’m very glad you do not suffer from them anymore.  You’re right sometimes they can go away for a time, then come back.  

      I thank you for your comment and I wish you great health,


  20. Babsie Wagner says:

    Wow, it’s scary to think that you were given medical advice that was incorrect and then you had to have surgery, which has not totally corrected the problem.  I applaud you for taking such steps to really research and do something about what is happening to you, and I will certainly keep you in my prayers.  God is great, and I will pray that he will use you and your blog to help many people.  

    I have donated to your Go Fund Me page.  Please keep the faith, Tan.  All things are possible!

    I shared your fund me on my facebook page as well.  God Bless!


    1. admin says:

      Hi Babsie Wagner,

      I humbly thank you for your prays and for being the first donator to my campaign.  I will update my status on the GoFundMe page and share my experiences when I undergo the treatment.  I truly hope to inspire and encourage others by this post and my book.

      It will be approximately 8 weeks before the first book is published.  Once it is, you will be one of the first to know how to receive your free copy.

      You are a blessing and now you have made it into my prayers.

      I wish you good health and prosperity,


  21. Israel says:

    Thanks for the informative and helpful post! Sorry about the health challenges faced all this while as a result of tumors! Fibroids, as I equally heard from a medical practioner, are common to most women in life. The doctor made me realize that they naturally grow in all women and most women live with it in a lifetime without suffering from its symptoms at all. That’s the most surprising part of it.

    But I’m most excited at your determination to stop working as an engineer and return back to school for a full-time programme in the field of Alternative Medicine. Kudos to you!  I so much cherish your courage, It shouldn’t have been an easy journey at least with the condition you were carrying about in your body.

    I congratulate women of the world for the book you’re writing will compile together all your researching and experimenting on getting rid of tumors. Thanks for the detailed and remarkable post!

    Israel Olatunji

    1. admin says:

      Hi Israel,

      You are welcome and thank you for your comment and kind words.  I hope I will inspire and encourage others with this post and my book.

      All the best to you,


  22. Dhayours says:

    I’m really sorry for the pain you went through. I may not understand how it feels to have tumors but I’ve been with people who had and it wasn’t comfortable at all for them. This person eventually got hers successfully removed and she’s fine now. Many people don’t usually get to know they have tumors until it’s too late. 

    1. admin says:

      Hi Dhayours,

      It was a shock when I was told I had growths, I imagine it might have been the same for the person you were with.  It’s a big help when there is someone around to lean on and who can be supportive.

      Thank you for your comment,


  23. Diane says:

    Hi TaN – thanks for sharing this inspirational article. Despite all the pain and suffering you have experienced in your life, you wish to use your knowledge to help other women in the same situation. I wish you every success on your upcoming trip to Europe, and I hope you finally get the right treatment that you deserve. I am sure your book will be a great help to other women who are going through this experience. All the best, Diane     

    1. admin says:

      Hi Diane,

      I appreciate your comment and thanks for reading my post.


  24. Kris says:

    Hi, Tan you poor thing! Life just isn’t fair! It amazes me how some people can do everything wrong and live to a ripe old age without any health issues.  While others do everything right, eat healthy, exercise, don’t expose themselves to any nasties and they get sick!

    Sorry for all the bad times you have had to go through, I hope it has made you a stronger person who can do anything.  You just don’t know when something like this happens to you.

    That’s why my motto is don’t delay in doing what you want, do it now for you don’t know what is around the corner!

    I hope you are doing great and you are being a powerful woman who can do great things! Keep strong.

    1. admin says:

      Hi Kris,

      I think your motto is great.  Saying, “Life is short,” might sound like a cliche to some, but it isn’t – it’s true.
      Thank you very much for your comment and kind words.

  25. Tsquare says:

    Your story is very torching to the heart. I have had friends who are victims of victims of fibroid. The experience has not always been easy. The best is to identify it early and get rid it. To procrastinate it is to cause problem in the future. This same turmoil has killed many in my country and denied many women from having children. But I like your bold spirit. By the grace you shall overcome this traumatic situation in Jesus name. Amen. God will provide all the finances you need for this surgery. I shall come back t read your beautiful testimony. 

    1. admin says:

      Hi Tsquare,

      Thank you for reading my post and commenting with kind words.


  26. mzakapon says:

    I am very sorry Tan. This is really a great pathetic moment in your life. What I know about your disease is very critical and I have heard that many women are cured after removing their whole womb. I believe you will be also recovered after doing a complete surgery. I am going to share this article to everyone who want to donate. 

  27. Renton says:

    This is an interesting post! I think it is always a bit scary when your body has a mystery pain. That’s usually when most people Google it and find out all sorts of crazy things. You definitely went the right way and went to an actual doctor. I think your story is so powerful.

    As a Junior Engineer, I can appreciate how hard you had to study and then to have to give it up because of health reasons really takes someone with great resilience and will power to process that change. You have gone through so much but I believe you will come out on the other side much stronger.

    I also know that even though you are no longer pursuing Engineering you can’t switch off your Engineering brain which is perfectly suited to problem-solving. That coupled with your knowledge of alternative medicine assures me that you will find a solution to help not only yourself but other people as well!

    I think that all these challenges on their own could have been enough to stop someone in their tracks, but you have gone through all of it and still want to fight! That is why I know you will succeed. 

    Thanks for sharing this, I am sure you will look back to these posts one day in the near future and see how much you have actually overcome and achieved!

    1. admin says:

      Hello Renton,

      Wow, your comment is so thoughtful.  Thank you so much for reading my post and leaving such a thoughtful comment.

      The best to you,


  28. mzakapon says:

    Hi Tan,

    I am really shocked and feel the pain. This is undoubtedly a great tragedy for your life. What I heard about your disease is very complex and I have got the information that many women are recovered after removing their whole womb. I believe you will be also well soon after doing a complete surgical operation. I am going to share this information to all of my friends who are interested to donate.

    1. admin says:

      Hi Mzakapon,

      Thank you very much for reading my post and offering to share it to your friends.  I have a long way before I reach my goal and I truly appreciate all the help I can receive.

      The best to you,


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